Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Royals Trade Speculation Part 2

Ok, now its time for part 2 of my in depth analysis of the perspective trade pieces available for the royals. As I said before there are only 3 players I consider "untouchable", they being Zach, Joakim and Luke.

Now for the pitchers.

Gil Meche - Definitely the most valuable piece available for trade. Should the Royals decide to deal him, they can expect no less than 2 extremely talented prospects (hopefully a SS!). In my estimation it probably won't go over well with the fans, but long term it could provide dividends.

Kyle Davies - This is a tricky situation, the guy has got potential for sure, but we may never see it because of inconsistency. Under a previous regime he probably would have gotten more respect, but D Moore is no fool.

Brian Bannister - Banny could be the second most valuable pitcher the royals have to deal. On a better team is a solid 4 or 5 starter, a guy who can go 5 or 6 and keep you in the game. Playoff teams should be chomping at the bit for him. Expect a better than average prospect for Banny.

John Bale - Specialty lefty, not much to say.

Jamey Wright - Pitching way above his talent level. Probably not much of a market for him. He will eventually collapse.

Robinson Tejeda - Power arm that still needs more refinement. I would be surprised if he is shipped to a contender.

Ron Mahay - A usually solid lefty out of the pen who has struggled at times this year. Probably a weak market for an aging lefty who has trouble getting out lefties.

Juan Cruz - Right now Juan is a lost cause.

Roman Colon - Too speculative. Nobody bites on Roman.

Those not receiving consideration because they suck or are injured (you decide which): kyle farnsworth, bruce chen, Doug Waechter, Sid Ponson.


David DeJesus - De Jesus probably has the 3rd or 4th most trade value on the Royals. He plays above average defense and could help a playoff contender who needs a solid bat off of the bench. Another deal that won't please the fans, but expect a better than average prospect in return.

Jose Guillen - This guy is a joke for sure. After one season his legs have fallen apart and so has his bat. This could be one of the worst free agent deals ever in baseball. If anyone in the MLB is dumb enough to take him and his ridiculous salary the Royals should jump all over it.

Mitch Maier - Sorry Mitch, need more progression from you before you get any value.

Ok Boys and Girls, that's it for the Royals trade speculation. Feel free to leave comments or don't. Cuz that just like your opinion man.

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