Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trey Hillman Should Be Fired.

Does anyone still celebrate Zach Greinke day besides Sam Mellinger?

True to themselves the boys in blue have returned to their notorious form. Poor fundamentals, bad defense, hanging sliders, missed cut off men(entire outfield) and meatball fastballs. Just ask the Cardinals and the baseballs that ended up in the fountains how the weekend went.

This team was built on the predication that everything had to be done perfectly with average talent to win. They would play defense, pitch with a philosophy, move runners and win. Don't get me wrong, average teams can win, if they do all of those things. The worst part of the Royals inability to do all of those things is that we supposedly have a small ball guru. Hillman is supposed to be the one that preaches good defense, moving runners and pitching with a philosophy.

So I guess my question is, what good is a manager who can't motivate his players to do the fundamentals? Either the players on this team are much worse than we originally thought they were or there is clearly a problem with the manager.

I have never been a fan of Trey Hillman, this blog is now calling for him to be fired. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to hit the cutoff man, and clearly Trey is having problems with that.

Can the Star please write something interesting about the Chiefs? JFC I don't even care if they make it up. No wonder they are firing everyone over there.

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  1. Wow the Cardinals game was really fun on Saturday!!