Tuesday, June 2, 2009

&%#(@* Damn Royals

Contrary to the title of this post, do not blame the Royals for letting you down. Remember that post I made a little while ago? The one about the Royals being a bandwagon baseball town? Well, that status goes for the sports media of KC also, not just the fans.

The recent slide by the Royals has thrust the shit light back upon them. The prognosticators have fallen off of their playoff horses and begun slinging it on the boys in blue. What happened to the playoff hopes spewed forth by 610 and 810? What happened to Sam Mellinger blowing loads over Kevin Seitzer's hitting approach? Which leads me to my point:

Kevin Seitzer and Trey Hillman are destroying any shot the Royals have at being successful. I know that the media put Trey on blast earlier this year and that ruffled George Brett's ridiculously drunken feathers, but where is the blast for Kevin Seitzer? This dude has turned the team's average at best offense into a basement dweller. I know he runs an overrated baseball program for over privileged Leawood kids with the Mac attack, but when did that make him qualified to be a MAJOR BATTING INSTRUCTOR? If 810 weren't so busy stroking itself for being the biggest radio station nobody listens to, maybe they would figure this out.

In my mind any success the Royals have this season will be directly attributed to them NOT listening to Trey Hillman or Kevin Seitzer.

*The Chris and Cowboy show on 610 is sometimes reasonable, that being said, Chris Hamblin(?) stated the other day that a team under .500 could win the central. Food for thought on the KC media.

Bandwagon at Best.


  1. chris hamblin's voice sounds fat on the radio

  2. Anyone watch tonight's game? Good job José Guillen and Miguel Olivo. I'll give it 6 games before we hit our AL Central bottom we love so much.