Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trey Hillman is like an Idiot Savant, without the Savant

That title is a little harsh, but I thought it was funny so I decided to use it anyway. Seriously though, Jamey Wright again? I know Juan Cruz got the loss tonight but jeez, Jamey on a minor deal, loses it again. I digress.

I have to give major props to Dayton Moore tonight. I know some of his moves since he arrived in KC have been questionable, but tonight solidified my belief that he actually knows what he's doing. Tonight at the MLB draft, Dayton stuck to his guns and did what he said he was going to do. He drafted the best player on the board, regardless of signability. Not only did he draft the best player on the board, he drafted the player who is possibly the second most MLB ready player. Most are projecting that Aaron Crow(e)(?) will arrive in KC within 2 years.

For those fans who care only for the superficial, this is probably yet another move that doesn't make much sense to you. Moore is building KC baseball from the ground up, not the top down, the latter of which is what most fans like to see. It sounds cliche, but it is a process and KC was so decimated when Moore arrived, that the task will take years.

The trades for Jacobs, Gathright, Crisp and Davies were all superficial moves to keep the club on life support while the kids develop. In my mind, Dayton never really wanted to accomplish anything with those moves other than keeping people interested. With one hand trading, the other has been drafting high picks (and signing them!), increasing scouting, and building one of the most robust Latin American operations in baseball.

The seeds of Dayton Moore's labor will eventually bear fruit. And when it does it will be nice, (borat voice) very nice.

I just hope that the bandwagon doesn't decide to get rid of Dayton before he builds his dynasty. BTW, after the loss tonight, is there anyone left on it?m

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