Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 NBA Draft Roundup with the Dr.

I wanted to wait a few days to let the draft marinate and observe the fallout. Here is a recap with various notes and tidbits.

***Any readers out there are encouraged to drop by the comments section and blast my spotty mock draft, or the T’Wolves decision to draft 16 point guards.

-My mock draft was all over the place: the most notable wiff was pegging Stephen Curry to the Thunder with the 3rd pick (VERY glad I was wrong) but I will pat myself on the back for nailing Earl Clark to the Suns at 14 and Jeff Teague to Atlanta at 19.

-Jeff Van Gundy was surprisingly well behaved while I’m not sure what Mark Jackson was thinking when he said that Shaq does not make Cleveland better. Shaq put up around 17 and 8 last season – only Mo Williams and LeBron had better scoring numbers for the Cavaliers and Shaq in the starting lineup makes Big Z one the most experienced back-ups in the league.

-Minnesota GM David Kahn has written an open letter to all Wolves fans explaining their draft day strategy – that sounds to me like a guy who is insecure with his work so far.

-I really enjoy the fact that the NBA is a stage for the best players in the world to compete; however, it is ludicrous that foreign players can weigh their overseas contracts against their new American teams if that team happens to be in an awful market. The Timberwolves have the draft rights to Rubio for 3 years, if he doesn’t want to play for them and decides to head back to Europe he should have to stay there for those 3 years. It’s not like Jonny Flynn can threaten to go back to college…

-The general consensus seems to be that Stephen Curry will not be a part of the Stoudamire deal with Phoenix. And to save you some reading, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Hoopsworld and RealGM all LOVE the pick (a strange feeling for Warriors fans).

-The second round of the draft is twice as boring as the first round is interesting. In case you missed it, notable draft day slides were DeJuan Blair to San Antonio (37th overall), Chase Budinger through Detroit to Houston (44th overall) and Nick Calathes to Dallas (45th overall).

-Jay Bilas is great guy to provide commentary during the draft because he legitimately knows EVERY prospect… But why is Stu Scott hosting the thing in the first place? I’ll take Mike Tirico or Dan Shulman over him any day.

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoyed the live-blogging and chit chat. Stay tuned for more rants and coverage of what is shaping up to a very busy offseason.

The day to mark your calendars is July 8th when the new NBA year kicks off with trades, free agents and much more!

Dr. Murphy out

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