Monday, June 29, 2009

Royals Trade Speculation Swirls, KC Star Is Still Inept.

Mad props to the Dr. for his great coverage of what seems to me to be the weakest NBA draft in a while. Anytime someone like psycho T gets drafted in the lottery, you know its whack. He just doesn't have any strengf or lengf.

There has been lots of trade speculation today about the Royals which is great! The fire sale of incompatible pieces and broken trades of the past is long overdue. This gives me a great chance to bless the world of Royals baseball with my thoughts and GMability. First I will do a run down of the speculation that has been swirling lately. I will preface this with the fact that I believe there are only 3 "untouchables" on the Royals: Zach Attack, Soria, and Cool hand Luke.

(Those who read the star probably don't know any of this because the Star only cares about pop-up ads.)

The Rumor Mill:

David DeJesus (you don't mess with De Jesus)- Multiple Teams
Mark Teahen - Multiple Teams
Gil Meche - Phillies
Kyle Davies - Multiple Teams
Brian Bannister - Phillies
The Entire Bullpen - MLB

I Agree with everything that is listed above. All of the players on that list need to get gone. The only player on that list that the Royals could retain any type of value for the Royals is Gil Meche, and that is only if he doesn't have a dead arm!

Now I will perform my highly biased and angry evaluation of an incompetent Royals roster. Let's start with the catchers.

Miguel Olivo - Miguel's time has come, he was brought in to be a part of a winning team and the Royals are not. He is sub par defensively and his bat only fits into a lineup that is capable of consistently driving in runs since he can't. He's got some pop and could help a potential playoff team.

Bryan Pena - No. No. No. Lunch Box is the royals catcher of the future. He's got a better bat and is better defensively than Olivo. Plus he looks like a catcher and that goes a long way in my book.

John Buck - Not sure what to do here since he is on the DL. Buck was always way over hyped and I have never really been a fan. No trade value since he is disabled.


Mark Teahen - Probably the player on the Royals with the most trade value. Can play every position on the field and swings a decent bat. There is no player I want moved more than Teahen. Teahen has been screwed by the Royals more than any other player and he deserves to know where he will play every day. Best fit would be with a playoff team who needs a guy that can play anywhere.

Tony Pena Jr - minimal trade value. Pure defensive back up. Possible pitcher? Little trade value.

Billy Butler and Alex Gordon - I decided to combine these two because they each need the same thing. A change of scenery and a stable system. Both of these players have been destroyed by the shittiness of the previous regime in the Royals organization. It may hurt to watch them go, but its probably best for both parties. Trade value is probably decent prospects in high minors for both. No playoff will be willing to give up prospects for these two. Likely trade is with another bottom feeder.

Al Callaspo - Glad he's sober this year. Only bat that has hit for the Royals. Trade value is as a pinch hitter for a playoff team.

Willie Bloomquist - Not sure why they signed ol' Willie. Pretty sure the Royals could lost games with out him. Has good trade value though since he can play all over. Best fit is probably with a playoff pretender.

Aviles - Lost cause. One year wonder. No trade Value.

Mike Jacobs - This guy could be a another lost cause if he can't figure his shit out. Guys who strike out and don't hit home runs usually retire in the minor leagues.

Tomorrow we will recap pitchers and outfielders. Just got word that Jose Guillen
will not make an error today or tomorrow. HE ISN'T PLAYING!!!!!

Hasta Luego.

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