Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Get No Respect (Rodney Dangerfield Voice)

After the disaster that was the last two posts I have decided to go back to what I feel I do best, which is to write candidly about the Royals.

Today los Royals lost again. They did so in routine fashion. Errors, zero offense and shaky bullpen again proved to be the recipe required for another loss. The one glimmer of hope that came out of the game today is that B Pena went 2-4 and continued his campaign to edge John "my only hits are HR's" Buck. Gil is now 4-8 and John Bale again proved he cannot get an out when it counts. I am honestly looking at the box score right now and can only see two players in the lineup who I can envision as being part of the future for the Royals (B But and B Pena). Nobody else in the lineup today looks or feels that of a winner or an important piece for the future. I would much see an entire new lineup of AAA players on this team than watch "major leaguers" lose like rookies everyday.

Which leads me to my next point: there is clearly a respect issue going on in the Royals clubhouse. The problem is that the players obviously don't respect a damn thing the coaching staff has to say. If they did, there wouldn't be the tremendous amount of errors accrued and the players would actually get down on themselves, then try to get better. There is no incentive or for that matter a repercussion for Billy Butler not to throw a ball into CF. Yea he is on TV for a second and probably feels stupid, but this guy has been playing baseball for 3/4ths of his life! Is Trey Hillman now going to let him get away with playing shitty because he is now in the bigs? I don't mean to pick on Billy (it was the last error I saw) because it goes for everyone on this team. Maybe Trey is a puss or maybe Trey is scared Jose Guillen's tiger is going to eat him, but there have to be consequences to playing like a douche. When there are no consequences players don't listen and try to get better.

I know why players don't respect Trey Hillman. All you have to do is watch him not argue a call that is blatantly wrong, in a one run game, with one of your best power hitters up, and realize that he doesn't want to win. Can you respect someone who doesn't want to win in a pro game?

In the next couple days we have a really awesome interview coming. Its a first for the blog and its brought to you by the Dr. Those Bay Area readers should get pumped.

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  1. I commend you for still watching the Royals. It must be hard running Tejada and Wright out there every few days. (The Rangers, yes them, cut those two..... think about that. The Royals have two pitchers that the Rangers deemed sad enough to cut).

    Is Gordon gonna come back anytime soon? At least he was young and had an excuse for sucking.