Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Truth is in the House

The G - Force performed like a Cy Young pitcher last night and that makes me happy. So tonight I am going to relinquish to the Truth. Enjoy.

There are some things that are undisputed facts. Like them or not, these truths can be agreed upon by a universal audience. Rules like; spicy mustard only helps a bratwurst’s taste, KC becomes unbearably hot and muggy during August, Tony G was the greatest thing to happen to the Chiefs in the last decade and a half, or that the P&L district is hurting itself in this economy by being so overpriced. Another statement few in Kansas City would dispute is that Kevin Kietzman’s radio show on sports radio 810 is a black hole of bad afternoon radio. Kietzman epitomizes everything that is wrong with the sports radio scene in Kansas City, and what’s worse is that people have been letting him get away with it for years.

Sure to be entertaining in the sports media world the person with the mike must tip-toe the line between news reporting and their opinion (which might spark controversy by being edgy or against the norm). But there is a difference between being edgy and being blatantly biased and overwhelmingly stupid. A retarded cross eyed monkey could do Kietzman’s job.

Kansas City has a terrible sports radio scene. KCSP, or 610 Sports, has a boring line up featuring the annoying Nick Wright, and the bland Neil and Mary. The Chris and Cowboy show is a bright spot on an otherwise boring line up, the smart kid on the short bus if you will. Kietzman makes them all look worthy of a Nobel Prize in journalism. His reporting is so awful you can’t take him at fact. While he butchers commentary on the Royals and Chiefs issues quite often, he puts his foot in his mouth the most often when talking about the Kansas Jayhawks.

With the sad state of our professional sports franchises (which will take plenty of column space down the line), the only thing respectable in Kansas City is the college sports scene, and listening to Kietzman talk about it makes my blood boil. On the court the Jayhawks are the only team good enough to garner national media coverage, and Bill Self has taken the proud traditional powerhouse to a new level of success. Kietzman is a bitter K-State alumni unwilling to admit this. Missouri and Kansas State are both on the up and up in college basketball though, creating plenty to talk about with top recruits in Manhattan and deep tournament runs in Columbia. Mike Anderson and Frank Martin are both studs who have turned nothing into something, and both deserve respect on the local scene.

With a clown like Kietzman covering Big 12 basketball local fans will never get the honest reporting and analysis they deserve. What should be a great story becomes a huge joke when Keitzman opens his mouth. It’s a shame and an embarrassment that he’s still on the airwaves. If Petro didn’t share his airwaves I’d tell you to take 810 off your dial. And if the fried mushrooms weren’t so delicious at the 810 zone I’d tell you to boycott his restaurant too.

- The Truth


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    try - best sports radio out there from 9AM-7PM PST