Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kansas City is not a baseball town. I repeat: Kansas City is not a baseball town. Every day I hear some flatulent old man calling into a sports radio show remembering the glory days of KC Baseball and saying that is a baseball town and will always be. Well I hate to break it to the viagra generation, but this town no longer cares about baseball.

Case and point: I have never seen a playoff game in my life. Do I need to repeat? I'm not even talking about a World Championship here. All I'm saying is that I have never even seen an insignificant playoff game. Not even a play in game because of a tie! (Please refer to my profile for approximate age.) A whole generation is growing up with out the Royals winning, why on Earth would we care about baseball?

Some characteristics of a baseball town:

A. Most people can name at least two starting pitchers and maybe a handful of position players.

2. People care passionately when they lose.

III. Even when they lose or are in a losing season, at least half of the stadium is full.

D. Their team makes the playoffs every once in a while.


Now, I care about the Royals more than most people and in no way am saying that what we should give up on them or that we can never become a baseball town again. The way to make this town a baseball town again is to consistently put a quality product on the field and make people care. What I'm saying is that the media and the geezers of Kansas City need to get off of their high horses and come back to reality on this issue.

Kansas City is not a baseball town. A bandwagon town at best.


  1. Greinke, Bannister, Soria, Cruz ,Teahen, Jacobs, Butler, (insert injured 3b here) and I am a Texas fan. Baseball (albeit I have spent little time in KC) still lives there. And if not, it makes for a good bloopers reel (George Brett).

    I say calm down. Its got to be tough to root for a team that doesn't / possibly can't win. Even so, I need more proof that this city is not a baseball town.

  2. nueman, what i'm sayin is that the average person in KC doesnt know much about the royals and the media thinks we are some holy baseball city.

  3. Dude it's alright to be bad, the Padres are in second but we're still 8.5 games back.I'm happy to be playing .500. So never give up hope. I'm glad you have a third party perspective on this situation. I had no idea that KC was so naive. No offense... but, REALLY?... REALLY?


  4. Maybe KC isn't a baseball town because baseball is lame to begin with. Pitchers getting tired? Someone hurts themselves running to 1st base?
    Lets watch some NBA Playoffs where the real athletes live...

  5. I understand what you were saying.... I just expect more proof (see attendance figures, polling information, comparison with the Chiefs, etc)........ Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas are exactly like Kansas City (Fans are stupid bandwagoners). No one in LA can name a player on the Clippers or the OF of the Dodgers.

    Also, how about the best record in the AL belonging to the much loved Texas Rangers?